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I am Jacqui, co-director of the Isles in A Common Sea project and today is the day our fieldwork starts.  This morning we will pack a van with our luggage and equipment (hoping not to forget anything) and send it off towards Penzance and then later tonight we (staff and students) leave to catch the early morning ferry tomorrow.  It is always hard work getting ready to go on fieldwork, particuarly as this coincides with the end of our exams and results period when I am extremely busy.  

Saying goodbye to your family is always hard as well, particuarly when one of my children is in the middle of her end of year exams.  Also I will be missing my friend Mike Parker Pearsons 50th birthday party – Happy Birthday Mike!  Sorry I can’t be there to party with you but we will raise a pint in the Seven Stones Inn for you on Saturday. 

Anyhow its nearly 8am and I have to pack my luggage, get the kids up for school and go and get the show on the road.  You may hear from me again or you may just hear of me via the students who will be writing the blog for your entainment and interest.  Please remember to keep an eye out for our Scilly Kid bi-lingual blog which will become active around July 13th.  Wish us luck – I particuarly hope it stops raining as we are camping for four weeks – and I don’t have a tent yet (but thats another story). 


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