Amy and Nick’s Magical Mystery Tour!


This morning started off nice and leisurely; the sun was out, so we were happy. Our main aim was to acquaint ourselves with St. Martin’s archaeology and we discovered there’s a lot!  First stop, Knackyboy  – a Bronze Age entrance grave that was one of our dig sites from last year. It was gutting to see how much the vegetation had grown back; it means it will have to be cleared partially before we even start. Oh well, at least its not gorse like last time. 

Our tour, led by Jacqui and Charlie, followed the coastline with a quick stop for ice cream at the Polreath tea-room of course, yum! T he Ginger Fairing was a good flavour! Next stop more entrance graves on Cruther’s Hill giving us a great idea of how Knackyboy might have looked, despite their weathered and dismantled appearance.  As our stomachs began to rumble we went in search of three stones on Parr beach that are thought to have formed part of a stone row.  To the untrained eye, they’re really hard to see and only with the help of ‘eagle-eyed’ lecturers, we were able to find them.  They did however, provide a good place to sit and have lunch. We paused to take a team photo on English Island Carn see our welcome page.  

After having lunch, we headed up in search of more field boundaries at Chapel Down these again proved incredibly difficult to find.  Moving swiftly on, we came across the ruins of an early medieval chapel that was shadowed by the enormous Daymark.  Following the coastline, this peak then led on to the remains of a Cliff Castle on Burnt Hill, its location was impressive and would have been a challenge to siege!  After this tour, we made a return journey home, all feeling sun burnt and wind swept – especially Rhys’ arms, surprisingly lobster like in colour. 

No matter how obscure some of the features are to the untrained eye, they highlight the fact that much of the Scillonian archaeology is hidden under gorse, bracken sand and water. 


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