Captains’ Log:


Trowels at the ready everyone turned out in force on the Thursday morning, rocking on down to the humanities car park with many backpacks but only one bum bag!!!! After what can be described as a very pleasant half an hour wait, the late arrival of the van brought an end to the previously electric social session. The 2 hour stint, loading all the luggage and equipment that Tony Robinson (T-Dog) would have been proud of, saw Owen pulling enough weight for 2 maybe 3 people and Edd there in spirit, probably pulling enough weight for 5. The faction of labourers fronted by Owen then dispersed for the day, comforted by the knowledge at 11 that evening they would embark on a monumental voyage that even T-Dog would be jealous of.

Leaving at a scheduled 11.30pm, the party bus set off for Penzance. The main event of the journey was the arrival of the Alpha Male Edward Fowler at Cullompton services. Owen was unaware of this spectacular event due to being asleep for most of the journey sitting next to Sally (two tents). The next stop at 5am was Tescos in Penzance to get the rations i.e. 2 not 3 sausages, but that’s a later story. Back in the van where the atmosphere at six in the morning was absolutely electric, Owen was once again fresh faced and wide eyed raring to go (asleep). Got to the dock around 7am, off loaded the supplies into a crate including a Scillonian Urn freshly conserved by a Cardiff University student. Next up was to bundle onto the Scillonian III Cruise liner bound for St. Mary’s, with much entertainment aboard; head-lining was the Cabaret of seasick passengers, not that we (Edd and Owen) witnessed this award winning show as we were busy catching some ZZZ’s along with flies.

Helen asleep on the Scillonian

Reaching our destination at 12.30, we off-loaded all the gear using a human chain of immense proportions then loaded it again onto the boat bound for St. Martin’s – pausing for refreshing beverages down the pub. After an uneventful boat journey including a sightseeing tour of Bryher, we emerged at our destination of St. Martin’s, where once again the human chain was implemented with great success putting our tents, food and equipment into tractor-trailers that accompanied us to the campsite. We set up the campsite, rigged up the 5 star accommodation and then our own tents.

Off-loading on St Martin’s


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