Day Four, 3rd July


The second day of digging dawned, unusually with bright sunshine and no wind. The Teän team headed for the island (almost forgetting Rob on the way!), while the St. Martins team headed for the back garden that they had started to investigate a flint scatter the previous day. A smaller team comprising of Ed, Owen and Ian headed off to Knackyboy to clear vegetation, so that it was actually visible, as well as digging a test pit to begin the intrusive investigation in to the area.

In the back garden, a charcoal feature that had been discovered the previous night was cross sectioned only to find that it was nothing more that a smear within the natural. The pit was therefore refilled. Two further test pits revealed small fragments of flint as well as what we believe to be a coin and some pieces of animal bone. We were assisted by the young daughter of the owner when she returned from school and the family dog, although she seemed more content in playing. As well as the archaeological finds, we uncovered some potatoes, which were unfortunately claimed before we could get our hands on them!

Over on Teän, the “tent” had survived all be it with gallons of water on the roof! The whole site was surveyed and areas of the 18th Century farmhouse were drawn. A few others took to the task of mattocking to clear the vegetation on a plot covering a post roman hut cut into a roman rubbish pit (midden). A break was taken during the day to sprint to the tent as a huge squall hit the Isles, apparently caused by Aidan and his magical EDM staff! The same squall caused panic at base camp, where the St. Martin’s team were on lunch break, with people dashing around to take in washing and rescue items left on the garden site. The rest of the day passed without event until the evening.

A meal of spaghetti bolognaise was welcomed eagerly after a hard days work, while tents were moved around in preparation for the looming gales. The general feeling around camp as I write this is one of relaxation and full stomachs, although there is slight trepidation in view of the coming winds.

If we survive the night, we will update you tomorrow!


One Response to “Day Four, 3rd July”

  1. Archaeology Project Manager Says:

    What no flint?

    Come on Amelia – surely you can do better than this ?

    Glad to see the weather is the same with you lol

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