Kayleigh’s Diggin’ Day 4th July. 07


Today I went over to Tean for the third day of excavation. The morning journey over to the island was a different route due to the rough sea so we stopped further along the island. There was also a small technical hitch… we had forgotten the drawing boards (and Aiden!!).
I was digging for the first time today inside the post medieval farmhouse. I now realise how much I hate roots that get in the way all the time while trying to excavate.  Some of the finds included a pig bone, flint and slate which may suggest that the roof was made of slate.  However, I think the best find of the day was the discovery of the cobbles which we think may have been added later to the farmhouse.

 Waking the Dead

We ate our lunch in silence today… this was because Rhys was not there! After lunch we reenacted the layout of the medieval graveyard associated with the chapel, for “educational purposes” of course (see above). I played the part of a leper!

Over in the post Roman hut trench they found the wall, although not as well preserved as in the seen in the first excavation in the 1950s as some may have been eroded by the sea. Kim, Sarah, Rob and Amy worked extremely hard while back in the farmhouse, Matt had a difficult time telling Nick to put his hard hat on.

At the end of the day we were planning what food would be available on the island as we didn’t know if the boat was going to pick us up, luckily it did, as me being the “fussy” vegetarian would have only had seaweed and grass for dinner. So all in all it was a good day!


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  1. Matthew Meek Says:

    hello there kayl catchin up on some zzzz’s i c in the pic lol… manage to find da site.

    take care and c ya wen u get home

    love u xXx

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