5th July Wet adventures! Helen


Today did not start well. The wind had died down and the tents stood still for the first time in days.  Everyone was tired and it was raining heavily outside, no one wanted to get out of bed.  When we finally arrived at our designated sites the weather had not improved.

A small number of us went across to Tean, and yes, the tent is still standing! Copious amounts of water had collected on the tents roof which Jacqui carefully emptied on to Matt’s head.  This led to Matt being in a particularly bad mood, with the comment that “I’m going to push anyone in the water who is smaller than me”. 

After a brief site tour given by Charlie, we were met by Charles Thomas who excavated the site here over fifty years ago.  Here he is below standing in the centre of Steve and Sally.

The legend! (in the middle)

He explained to us what it was like living on the island whilst excavating here.  Chaps must have been made of sterner stuff back then as the weather on this particular day was hideous.   We left the island before lunch time due to this particularly bad weather.  On the boat journey I was both the most excited and terrified I’ve even been as the boat seemed very, very small.

The eerie boat journey home!

The day ended conveniently with a meal of Thai green curry and rice with pancakes for pudding, for all but Dave who unfortunately severed his finger, hopefully not into the food!  This is the second pudding we’ve had, the first one being drop scones made by Sally last night.  Some sort of pudding competition seems likely.  But the problem tomorrow is that it is Rhys’ turn and a well prepared pudding doesn’t seem on the cards. 

Everyone is very excited about Saturday, our first day off. Rhys and Steve both agreed that large quantities of alcohol should be consumed. Others are more excited about merely getting a relaxing day off and some well earned sleep.


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