Megan’s Day- 8th July


Day 8 on St. Martins- After the predicted force eight gales last night, the camp awoke to blue skies but with a gusty wind.

At camp, because of a sprained ankle, I have been washing finds from the Old Stable, the Farm house on Tean and the flint found both during field walking and below Knackyboy and the Old Quay.

Once the finds were separated into categories; flint, pottery and bone each was counted. A list was made which consisted of the site name, the context number or test pit number and what the bag contained along with the number of items within the bag. This information was then typed into excel to create a finds list.

Today people were also digging in the Old Stable garden in test pits nine and ten, where more flint was found.

Most of the people on Tean were drawing wall plans today. A couple continued digging on a post-roman hut to try and find the edge of a wall.

The day is going to end with blue skies and sunshine.


One Response to “Megan’s Day- 8th July”

  1. Meli Says:

    Hello all!

    I hope everything is going well on the isles, with lots more flint found for me to look at, and that team Rhys/Dave finished those test pits!

    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to everyone before I left, the change of quay led to a slight rush on saturday morning. But, I hope the rest of the project goes well and that the weather stays good (its better than in Wales!). Have fun and see you around Cardiff sometime soon.


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