Blog 9th July 2007


Today was the first day back after a well deserved break over the weekend.

Farmhouse overview

After being kept up all night by the noisy amongst us, most of the team were feeling particularly tired and downtrodden.  However, the bright sunshine and lack of rain (for once) altered our moods.  The majority of the team headed to Tean to continue excavations of the farmhouse and the Roman Midden as well as further drawings of the farmhouse plan, vegetation clearance and photogrpahy of the slaughter house. 

Excavations of the farmhouse in order to investigate how far the stone flooring extended proved to be sucessful.  A new trench was started as well as the extension of the existing doorway trench in the farmhouse. Both provided numerous finds that included various animal bones, pottery, slate and flint.

Elsewhere on the island Rhys and the Amy were shown the ropes of modern day archaeological photography for the digital age by Ian. They started their quest for the perfect picture of the haunting slaughterhouse.  You could still sense the ‘animals of the dead’.  The slaugherhouse was rectangular – thus meaning it had four walls.  We had to make sure that the camera was straight according to the shot and also that it was level and we also had to take a back-up of each photo we had taken.  We had to take general shots of the wall to aid with the illustration. 

Meanwhile back at St. Martins the Old Stable team continued to dig test pits and seive for flint.  The test pits were then filled in marking the end of invasive archaeology on this site.  Further work was carried out at the site of Knackyboy Cairn using the auger(?) to gain insight of the history of this landscape. Two members of the team visited St. Mary’s museum to catalogue various finds consisting mainly of flint.  Amongst these finds was a barb and tanged arrowhead which can now be seen on display at the museum.  Today also saw the arrival of two new members to the camp, Tim Young (our geophysicist) and Alan Lane (Early Medieval expert).

By Rhyselia Devans.


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