Kim’s Blog- Wednesday 11th July


Today dawned bright and sunny (as usual) but soon became grey as the clouds took over (as usual). Sarah and I had been asked to go to St. Mary’s to help out at the museum and, because the boat was later leaving the usual boat to Teän, we had an hour to kill. We used this hour to not only lament over this extra hour we could have had in bed (!!!!) but also to wash over some of yesterdays finds, while talking about them to passing campers who expressed interest.

 We were accompanied on the boat to St. Mary’s by Sally and Millie who were going to visit the school in Tresco. After saying goodbye, we went to arrange boats to our dig sites during National Archaeology Week (Do come and visit us if you can!) before wondering up to the museum.

 We were greeted by Amanda, the Museum Curator and Natalie, a volunteer. Our days task was to re-arrange the display of commemorative China. Highlights of the day included a visitor being so appalled at our pitiful technique in un-screwing the cabinet, that he did it for us. The Prince Charles and Princess Diana China were put on the same shelf as the Charles and Camilla China (well…. It was funny at the time!).
 We returned home to be greeted by sun and slight showers. Our hopes were further lifted by the Pies from the Butcher, which in my view were the best I have ever had! In other archaeological news, Teän saw much sieving and animal bone finding. The site was also surveyed and Geo-physics continued from yesterday.

Tim and Helen doing geophys on Tean 

Aidan sadly still has only one boot! We were all distraught at the fate of the other one after the search in the seaweed came up empty handed!

 Amy and Rhys continued photographing the site. I am also told that the water was rather cold when it came to getting in the boat – Rhiannan and Kayleigh suffered from wet foot syndrome all day when they decided to jump in to get ashore with their boots on.

 Back at base camp, Megan continued the finds washing, while Matt augered at KnackyBoy and Dave made him jealous by finding a flint dagger. He also interviewed Ken Rose, an inhabitant of St Martins who recited the story of Knackyboy for the camera crew (also known as Helen).

All in all a good day, and seeing as I’d spent most of the time before on Tean, it was nice to have a change of scenery. We now have only two days until we depart  to Bryher, which we’re looking forward to.

By Kim 


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