Sarah’s blog 15/07/07


The second day of digging at Samson was approached with some trepidation as the weather forecast was torrential rain and thunderstorms. Luckily for us all, these did not materialise; the (not torrential) rain eased off at 10.30 and we had a successful day.

I was working in a trench just outside Building O, carrying on from yesterday’s work, trying to find out whether the bank which the house was built into was a lynchet, and also trying to get evidence to date it, as Charlie is hoping that it is prehistoric. At the end of the day we had not found the answers to these questions, but the trench was a lot deeper! We dug down to the second context, and on the way found some post-medieval pottery and thankfully no limpets. Kim and Dave were also digging in that trench, so Dave had to suffer a day of ‘girl talk’ which he said wasn’t too bad… Kim’s highlight apparently was chucking mud all over me.

  The other group on Samson was digging in/near House H, and discovered a possible end wall to the building, and also a ‘spaceship landing site’ according to Rhiannon and Milly, and to all the others an ornamental garden. 

The team at St Agnes were doing both  geophysical and topographical surveys; they were rushed as they had to survey the cricket pitch before the match at 2.30!

The match approaches, 8 minutes to go and 1 grid to complete


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