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 Today I caught a boat to St Mary’s to visit the local primary school. I went with Sally Brown, Edd, Rhiannon, Ted and the lovely Edwina. The aim of the school trip was to teach children from Year 7 to year 9 about the wonders of archaeology. Once upon arrival at school we started to set up the equipment for the daily tasks.  The first year group to come learn the wonders of archaeology was year 9. There were only four pupils in this group. Sally started the presentation with a general introduction to archaeology. At this point I was still friends with Sally but in the next few minutes she would shock me to my very core. We had a previous understanding that I was going to talk about the archaeology of Tean but she jumped me in the deep end and asked to speak about Knackyboy. This is the only excavation I have had no experience and I had very little knowledge on the stated subject.

However the man that Rhys is was able to step to the challenge and in my professional opinion passed with flying colours.  After the short talks on archaeology we separated the pupils into three groups; one group was leaded by me and Edwina our chosen subject was clay pottery. Edd and Ted took control of the art of artefacts, Ted was very good with children but Edd lacked the necessary skills. Rhiannon and Sally took control of the art of weaving with potatoes. This was basically the main concept with the Year 8 and 7’s. Hopefully all the children of Five islands secondary school enjoyed themselves because it was a very interesting and enjoyable time me and the rest of my team.


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