Captains Log Thursday 19th July 2007, 21:09:70


Today in the words of Rhys was ‘absolutely mental’.

Samson was the destination of choice for the crazy gang. Departing on the Firethorn vessel, the pride of Bryher and on equal pegging to the Death Star and a Robin Reliant combined, at a sharp 09:15 and arriving at Samson on the sands at 09:32. A long and arduous journey through the rough and unpredictable Scilly seas; many a good man has been swallowed up by its’ mighty wrath. Sally became one of those men today and she will be sadly missed (i.e. she went home on the Scillonian!).

At Samson, whilst Aidan was planning sections of the post medieval garden adjoining house H found in a trench last week, Millie and Ted planned the interior walls of house O, accompanied by Eleanor and Sarah, who planned the suspected prehistoric lynchet, also at the mega site that is house O. Owen and Edd whose undoubtedly royal credentials and work rates that have often made handy Andy look like Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen, were clearing the potential old Woodcock gig shed on the south of the island. This task, not possibly but definitely, the most colossal on the island was taken apart as they slashed vegetation mattocked earth and trowelled soil until their hands were blistered and cut, feet ached and ankles slashed, defeat never in question they fought on like Spartans (but they had three hundred and we just two). By 17:00 the gig shed was taking shape – as was Owen’s sock tan lines – the lines of the stones exposed seemed to show a larger than expected structure, however the old maps refer to the presence of the gig shed in this location.

The Boat Home

 At Tean was an open day for the public to come and see the archaeology of this Roman and medieval site, including a Chapel, Farmhouse, post Roman house on a midden and a series of trenches. Visitors were coming off the bench like the British at Normandy. A good time was to be had by all, with the exception of the poor souls back filling the trenches. All in all a great day, once again in the words of Rhys Davies ‘absolutely mental’.

The Tean Team


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