Nick’s blog- 20th July


Friday 20th July

 We were split into two teams today, one going to Samson and the other staying on Bryher to help with the Open day. I was posted to Samson. We all sleepily departed at 9.10am.  The boat journey soon woke everyone up; even those slumped in their seats half asleep. No-one ever seems to tire of the journey.
I was put on the task of drawing a section of wall in house J whilst the others dug in the trench. It was tedious at first but I soon got the hang of it and was able to finish the drawing. Lunch time brought lots of laughs with Helen falling flat on her face after tripping over a rock (she was fine and even laughed) and Matt and Rhys attempting to wrestle, not particularly successfully I might add. 

The great wrestle!

Those who stayed at camp began their day washing finds from Tean. There was, unsurprisingly, lots of animal bone and pottery. After that they headed to the community hall on Bryher ready for the open day. A relatively large amount of people turned up and all had plenty of questions to ask, keeping them busy for the rest of the day.  

Guests at the open day

The journey home on the boat was a welcome relief to the hot day and was made even better by the fact that we had ordered pies for dinner. A rather strange topic of conversation for the evening was that of an archaeological horror film with killer birds which forever seem to try and enter the mess tent and the weapons we would have including mattocks as well as trowel throwing!! Don’t even ask how we got onto that topic!
Tomorrow is our day off, so it’s off to the pub tonight (no surprises there) and a nice relaxing day tomorrow.



One Response to “Nick’s blog- 20th July”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Have you heard about crisp stealing seagull tha goes into shop every day in Aberdeen and takes a bag to eat Might decide to come down South for the sun Watch your food.

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