Nobby’s Blog 23rd July 2007


Today was not a day of progress, halted as it was by strong winds and torrential rains. The morning saw the group coming to the aid of the stricken campers who were preparing to leave, that is with their tents in one piece and repairing the damage from the night before. There was only one tent lost during the night which belonged to nick who was quick to deal out retribution on the author of this particular blog and on Rhys whose £20 tent from Tesco’s was still standing in the morning. Ian was quick to make breakfast to recharge our batteries and it was decided to wait till 12 until the day was abandoned. I myself ventured to the store to get a can of coke and a pasty and then spend some free time at the community centre getting beaten at chess by Ted. Upon my return it was certain there would be no more excavations that day and as a group we sought out the relative safety of the pub. The Mess tent had required mending but was not beyond Ian’s firm hand and Aiden’s gaffer tape. Even Jackie took in the spirit of the day and managed to steal some wooden tables, only some assembly required. Soon to be found was the newly formed Harry Potter reading society and a lightly snoozing Matt in the corner. But come 4 o’clock we were free from our slightly cramped haven and back causing minor mayhem and being a general nuisance to the public. I myself found a decently shaped split of wood that would fashion a decent sword and Dave came back with one hell of a lobster for his days efforts. Owen’s throwing was found wanting and I found that even a 10 year old boy can scare the living bejesus out of you. All in all a very uneventful Monday.


Homo Erectus, we came to inspectus, on a cold winter morning.
But unto our eyes to our surprise the corpse began a yawning.
Now listen said he, this archaeology, I am finding most distressing
So put me back in, leave without a din and do it on my behesting.


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