Islands in a Common Sea 2007

Come and visit us if you can, we have a number of events for National Archaeology Week but most days you can catch up with us at one of our sites.  Until the 12th July you can have a tour of Knackyboy Cairn at noon (meet at the Reading Room) or come over to Tean anytime during our working day (9-5 Sunday to Friday inclusive) and we will show you around.   From the 16th of July we move our project to Samson and we will show anyone who makes it over around.

Who are we?  Staff and students from Cardiff University and staff from the Historic Envrionment Service, Cornwall.

Team photo, English Island, St Martin’s

The team 2007 – From left to right, Jacqui, Meli, Kayleigh, Rhiannon, Amy, Dave, Sarah, Kim, Sally, Eleanor, Aidan, Nick (in the hat), Matt, Amelia (almost hidden) Rhys, Edd, Owen, Megan, Charlie (pointing), Helen.   Off camera is Steve and Ian – we will find a photo of them.


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